Thursday, August 2, 2012

Preparing and Adventuring

Well, child number 4 should be here pretty much any time. We are due in about 2 weeks. My body has been preparing and changing. I have dropped quite a bit and have become extremely uncomfortable. Shouldn't be long now.

I have been in a frenzy to keep the house clean and organized...with very little success. I remember this from when Adeline was coming. I remember telling myself that no matter what she will come. Even if all the laundry has not been put away. Or the floors are dusty. She will come. And it will be ok. She wont remember the dust bunnies or the dirty bathroom sink. I am trying to remember that as much as possible.

Her nursery is all set and ready to go. But it needs to be vacuumed. I must remember to do that. 
Making a note now.

Her little clothes are waiting and i worry there are not enough. 

There are enough.

Her little diapers are all stacked and ready for her little bottom. 

Her curtains are open and the sun is shining in.

Its time i say. But she will probably take her time, just like the other two.

With all the waiting i decided to take the little ones on a impromptu mini vacation up north to my in laws cottage. 

Oh how i love the beach. 

It was so nice to give them one last hurrah before little sister gets here.

They were both little stinkers most of the trip. But i tried to just block it out and enjoy the water and the woods. Got some knitting done and lots of walking. I was hoping all the walking would get the baby right in locked and loaded position. Not sure if it helped.

The morning  view from my bedroom

 Lumbermans monument

 AuSable river


We visited the AuSable river and Lumbermans Monument. The kids had a blast climbing what i think was like 275 stairs with my inlaws. I had a blast enjoying a half hour of interrupted silence on a bench near the woods while they climbed the stairs. I mainly sat there with my eyes closed just taking in the sounds. It was a glorious half hour ha! 

It was such a great little last minute, last summer trip. I came back exhausted but it was totally worth it.

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