Sunday, August 4, 2013

Slacker Blogger update | The Nerdy Home stead

I have been a terrible blogger.

I feel each day like i want to sit down and write so much. 

But the days are just not long enough at times

We have moved into our new home and are absolutely loving it here. Its taking some time to officially feel like home but we are getting there. Jer and i have both been so swamped with work we have had zero time to put in on the personal touches. I am hoping as the colder days come maybe we will spend more time inside and get each room done. 

But for now we are enjoying the yard space and are about to head out for a week long adventure between heading up north to the beach for a few days and then off camping with my good friend.

I'll leave you with a few photos of the antics we have been up to.

The kids seem so much happier here. Much more wonderment and imagination can be drawn out of them here. SO happy for the decision we made to move. 

WE made our own teepee to take to the beach this week. 
We did a test run just to be sure it worked :)

LOVIN this yard!

I seriously love this kid.

Sidney turned 15!!! Not sure where the time has gone!!

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