Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Nerdy Homestead | Doing my chicken dance!

Thats right i am doing my chicken dance!

I have spent the last 8ish weeks or more urging our awesome small town to allow urban chickens.

Its been a process.

But not a terrible one.

See, i come from a great little town.

Sometimes a misguided great little town, but a great little town none the less.

Our council here, even though some were against it, were very supportive of my point of view.

The first time i walked into city hall well over a year ago, i was told "That will NEVER happen".

The woman who told me that was there tonight. And as they passed the ordinance, i thought to myself how glad i was she got to see it. 

Nothing is impossible.


I will not act like there was not opposers. There were. And they all decided to show up tonight. There were rat fearers and odor worriers. All concerns that have been addressed in depth at all the other meetings. Had they been there. They would have known.

My favorite was a woman who expressed that she only lives in the great city of charlotte half the year. Well, miss, i live here ALL year long. This is my ONLY home. 

I am so thankful our council was able to see through all of the grumps and still stay on course.

Its done.
It passed.

And SO thankful to all of those who took the time to show your support!

After accomplishing this, i have realized many things. But the biggest one is, it just takes one person to make big changes. And i had no idea i could even be that person. Its quite terrifying really. I scared myself. 

NOW....what can i take on next?

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