Saturday, June 2, 2012

Holiday Weekend + Happenings

Like everyone we give great thanks to the troops who make our freedom possible.
I wish there was more i could do thank just say thank you. I don't feel its enough.

We took in the parade in our town. This years attendance seemed much higher than years past. This make my heart happy. And when some fighter jets flew over just as the oldest veterans were passing us. All i can say is goosebumps! 
The kids of course had a great time. Even though it was a short parade. it was nice to get out of the house.
And our eldest was marching in the band so that is always fun to see.

I spent saturday shooting a super awesome wedding. And the rest of the weekend just hanging with the family.
We worked round the house some more and of course Adeline is ALWAYS right there beside her daddy, doing whatever he is doing. Her personality and style makes me so happy. She is just a one of a kind gal. And LOVES being in under-roos all day haha.

We had quite the heat wave over the holiday weekend so the kids and i spent some time at the Campground where my mother was on friday and they got to cool down there. Just love that place. I am always in my zen spot at a campground. Its my soul therapy.

Then we took in the sun at my in laws awesome pool on another hot day. These extra pounds i have on the front of me makes for a HOT uncomfortable summer. I was SO thankful my suit still fit. So i took a belly shot to share. She is growing fast. Can't believe she will be here in about 2 months.

And i will end with an inspirational blueberry. Sometimes all you need is a little love. This made me smile.

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