Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Anyone who really knows me, knows i always try my best to be an advocate for my children. Not because i think they are better than everyone else or because i think they deserve special attention over others. But because they deserve special attention from their parents. That is my job. And i take my job very seriously.

One thing you will see me share here is our journey into the unknown world of homeschooling/unschooling. I am giving it an attempt this summer with Jeremiah(homeschooling that is). I have absolutely no idea if it will work out. Maybe it will, maybe it will not. Who knows. But i have to try. I am very unhappy with the school system in our district and surrounding areas. Not because any one particular reason. I mean Jeremiah's teacher this year is A-mazing for sure. I love her! But i also dislike my child being gone for nearly 8 hours a day. I miss him. 

I know there are so many ways to learn at home. We already do it daily without even knowing it. I have started to pay attention to those opportunities of home learning. And really try to harness them.

I hope that homeschooling is for us. But if not, well at the very least i will know i tried it, right?

I mean seriously, look back over your days. I just went back through my photos and could see a learning opportunity in so many of them. And none of which took place in a public school setting.


Hand eye coordination 

Sea Life

Friendship, sharing, hand eye coordination

Cooking and Math

Anatomy (And finance if the tooth fairy visits)

Politics and Government


Brain Development and problem solving


Weather (Its a bowl of hail)


SEE! And they didn't even know they were learning! 

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