Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Nerdy Homestead | Progress Yo!

We have been busy little nerds.
Like crazy busy.

I have been trying to keep the kiddos busy and out of Daddy's hair a bit so we can get the front porch project finished. So, we went to check out some of our good pals racecars. It was a short adventure but they loved them. And the lucky bums even got to climb inside them. Its cool when mommy knows people haha.

The kids and i snuck away while daddy was preparing for planting. We headed over to my friends house for her sons awesome birthday party. They had a blast and were exhausted afterwards. They slept great! 

They are all about helping daddy on the porch when allowed. Not sure how much help they were but they were having a good time messing with all daddy's fun stuff.

See the background there...Doesn't get much more Urban than this!!! Ugh. 

We have been hanging in the backyard more now that the weather is fabulous! I LOVE me a campfire any time of the day or week. So Adeline and i whipped one together this past weekend. They spent lots of time out in the "pool" and playing in the sprinkler. It was a HOT one. We loved every minute of it!

Someone found mommy's poking out belly button quite amusing. Baby sister inside however was not having it lol.

A little backyard daddy wrestling does a heart good

The "pool"

This photo just screams "Childhood and Summer" to me.


Jeremiah and Adeline helped us pick out the flowers at the green house. It was not as magical and memorable as i hoped. Needless to say, me and the kids ended up in the van while daddy finished checking out HA! 

But they had fun helping plant them all!

This is my attempt at a strawberry hanging planter. I bought the plants from Jeremiah's school fundraiser.  Very curious to see if this works. My shepherds hook can barely hold it. Note to self: Buy stronger shepherds hooks. 

Jer extended the garden quite a bit this year. We all pitched in to get it planted. It was a HOT day and we had to go in shifts because of the blaring sun. Not good to transplant in that.

The first phase of planting is done. We need a few more plants and we have some seeds to sew. But overall we have gotten over the big hump of the planting.

This past weekend was so amazing. I didn't want it to end. My work is picking up now which is awesome, but i am also a little sad that i will be gone quite a bit on the weekends. I am SO ready for school to be over. I dislike sharing my kids with a system. I am ready to dive into a new routine. I just hope my hormones can get in check before then! Thank god for my patient husband. 

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