Friday, May 18, 2012

The Nerdy Homestead | Where we are

I went around the yard the other evening to document where we are. We are in the VERY beginning stages of where we want to be. There is much work to be done. Jer has been working on the new front porch. I am looking to find a photo of what it once looked like. It was kind of like a 4 seasons room. A very hideous one, with a broken window. I found it to be embarrassing and quite the eyesore. Did i know he was ripping it off the front of my house? NO! HAHA. I came home one day after a photo session and it was gone! The new porch is growing on me.

Below is where the garden is going in. We have had it here every year. But this time its twice as big. EEK i am nervous! 

 This is where i did what i referred to as my "Cold weather garden" I started lettuce, radishes and carrots. The radishes and Lettuce are nearly ready for picking. But the carrots didn't fair so well. I have a couple sprouting now, but i was a bit disappointed i won't lie.

 This is my sad sad bird area. Hoping to make it prettier in the future

 This is the backyard. We spend a lot of time here. And we have big plans for it. 2 years ago there was no grass. Like NONE! We had to diseased trees take down (hence all the wood) and TADA green ground! To the right where the toys are Jer is building a club house for the kids...slowly. The porch is taking up his time for now. I cannot wait to see it done!

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