Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Plaid Couch and other adventures

I know, I know.

I have been a naughty blogger.

Life has gotten so busy around our little home.

A new baby keeps you so busy...who knew?!

Miss Evelyn turned 5 months old the other day. WOW!

She is nearly 17 lbs and well she never misses a meal.

She is such a joy. Her siblings just adore her.

And she has daddy wrapped around her chubby little finger...Ok mommy too.

We have been working really hard around here. My photography business is picking up quite a bit and we started a new little venture!

Its an etsy store/facebook we will be packing full of vintage housewares, frocks and finds and other unique items that we pick up on our thrifting adventures. We are hoping this extra boost in income can get us get closer to a home that better suits our family. Our current home has been long outgrown. 
Here is to BIG dreams and new ventures!!

In other new adventure news...

It took me some time to come up with my new years resolution. I always break them. And for the most part they tend to fizzle off. So i wanted to be sure this year that i didn't spend energy on something that wasn't going to lead anywhere.

This year i have decided i want to get back to the things i love. Things that bring me joy, but also things that bring others joy. I miss my friends. I miss real non social network relationships. I miss real cards, not E cards. I miss handmade invites not Facebook invites. So this year i am tapping back into real. Real moments, real gathering, real relationships.

I miss those things so much.
I feel so disconnected from the people i love most.
SO i started collecting ideas via pinterest and just well common sense haha.

I am currently planning real get togethers with my friends and family. I picked up new stationary and i am collecting actual mailing addresses. 

We all know i love handmade anything and i also LOVE getting mail. I know others enjoy these things too. So i want to mail more things and make more gifts. 

So there you have it! My new years resolution! 

Do you have a link to great get together ideas, handmade ideas or cool projects?
Please share in the comments section!!

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