Monday, February 4, 2013

Snow and Cutie

Evelyn Jean is growing quite fast! 
She is already heading towards 6 months old and it makes me so sad. 
Yet so excited too.
 I am already thinking about all her first adventures coming up this summer. 
First beach, first camping first EVERYTHING. And i just cannot wait.

 I took her out today for some early 6 month photos. I have been day dreaming about this exact set up in the snow since before she was born. 
A great knitting friend made her this most amazing bonnet and sweater set.
I didn't want to wish her bigger but i have to admit i have just been itching for it to fit her. Its still a little big but it worked just right for our quick mini session today.
My heart just swelled. 
I love when things you create in your mind during late night pregnancy insomnia come to light.
Oooo i just love this butterball!

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