Thursday, February 28, 2013

DIY Handmade fishing game | The Nerdy Homestead

Welcome to my first official tutorial here on The Nerdy Homestead.
For Christmas this past year i made a lot of handmade gifts. I love nothing more than a handmade gift. Seriously, give me that over something store bought any day.

For our 3 year old Adeline i decided to make her a fishing game. This is super cheap and easy to make. And the kids have enjoyed it SO much.

Materials needed

*Scrap fabric of any kind
*Embroidery Thread
*Sewing Needle
*Batting of any kind really
*Round strong magnets (i made the mistake of buying cheap ones)
*Small washers from the hardware store
*Twine or string
*2 wood dowels at your desired length and width
*Hot glue gun
*Super glue

First draw a fish shape on the inside of the material that way your lines wont show. Be sure to make 2 cut outs for each side of fish.

 After you make your cuts lay them on top of one another right sides facing out

Begin to stitch them together in whatever stitch you prefer. I chose this one because i liked the whimsical look of it.

 When you get to the last part of the stitches begin to stuff it full of batting. Be sure to work it into the tail area as well.

 Finish off the stiches and TADA a fish!

 I then stitched the washer to the end of the little fishies mouth.

Place a small amount of hot glue around the end of your dowel and tie the twine right on to the glue. I found going back over the twine with the glue afterward help secure it. Cut the length of twine desired. Place some hot glue on the magnets and make a sandwich with them with the tip of the twine in between.  The hot glue didn't hold up for a long time so i then added super glue to the magnets at a later time. But the hot glue makes for a better service to apply the super glue to rather than straight on the magnet.

TADA super fun fishing game for your wee ones!!!

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