Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Bucket List

Summer is finally upon us and we are loving every minute of it.

We started very slowly working on some homeschooling. The first day was a huge failure. I lost the math book and Jeremiah broke down crying. But we have done a few days of it. Like i said very slowly going. Not sure if it will be for us. But we are trying.

We have a list of things we have been working on that we want to do this summer. And we have been checking them off nicely. 
Baby Evelyn Jean (Officially announcing her name) is due in less than 8 weeks!! So i have been trying to get the kids out and about before we will have to take a break.

I feel so much more confident as a mother this year. I used to be terrified to go any where alone with the kids. Like i wouldn't be able to handle it or something. Jer is just a home body and me and the kids are movers and shakers. Now that they are older and can really help each other out on trips, i feel much more confident to head out exploring the world. I feel we finally have some sort of routine and planning that takes place. I finally stopped forgetting the diaper bag and everything we need. Maybe its because we don't have a diaper bag hahaha. But we will soon! AHH! 

I have vowed to no longer be that person who thinks i cannot go anywhere until my baby is at least 4-5 months old. I am just going to wear her everywhere we go. And we will set out on many explorations. These kids are growing WAY too fast to wait until Mommy is ready.

I am so glad we have been making our way through our bucket list so smoothly. 

Beach!!! Was definitely on the list!

On my bucket list for this summer was to knit more. Especially for Evelyn. I wasted no time these last few days. I stayed away from the computer at night and instead sat in bed with the hubs and knitted. And then enjoyed my morning coffee with knitting as well.

Another thing i just really really wanted to learn so that i could teach the girls when they got older is canning. I gave a go to it yesterday and it was a HUGE success. I walked around the rest of the day with a permanent smile. My kitchen is still covered in Strawberry stickiness. But i don't even mind. The kids and i went to the berry patch and picked 7 lbs of strawberries. It felt so good to know that we would be turning these into something we will be eating for months to come. I brought them home and froze them until i could gather enough stuff to can with. Between great friends and family and a super awesome score of my new (used) water bather at goodwill i was ready to go!

We have been so busy already this summer it seems. I am not complaining though. It keeps my mind off being huge and pregnant. And it sure makes this pregnancy seem to fly by. We have so many more things on our list i hope we are able to get to them all.

Our Bucket List

Picnic in the park
Zoo Trip
Impression 5 Trip
Visit Nana and Papa's pool often
Plant Garden
Harvest Yummy good from the garden
Bike Riding around town
Hollan Farmers Market
Holland Aquatic Center
Lots of Bonfires
Learn to Can
Go Berry Picking
Paint Backyard fence with fun pictures
Visit Nana and Papa's Cottage
Send hand written letters to friends and family
Visit Charlotte Farmers Market Often
Paint a new picture on a canvas for Mommy's wall
Baby Evelyn Welcomed home

So far that is just some of our plans. We keep adding more!

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